Coldplay Drop Dreamy 'Everyday Life' Japanese Bonus Track 'Flags'

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for iHeartMedia 

Chris Martin of Coldplay performs onstage at the 2020 iHeartRadio ALTer EGO at The Forum on Jan. 18, 2020 in Inglewood, Calif. 

Coldplay slipped something extra into their fans' stockings on Monday (Dec. 21) with the unexpected drop of the Everyday Life Japanese bonus track "Flags." In a tweet they explained, "We love this song but by the time it came along the spaces on Everyday Life had been filled and we had to socially distance it. Thankyou for all the ways you’ve supported us this year. We love & appreciate you more than you could know."

The introspective, dreamy song about living up to your potential opens with the star-gazing verse, "Talked amongst skeletons this morning/ Aside from all the medicine and health/ If you could do it all again, would you do it all the same?/ Is there something that you'd tell your former self?/ There were those that wished they'd spun upon a jukebox/ There were pirates who had never seen the sea/ But the one recurring theme, the one recurring dream they had/ Was to be whatever they wanted to be."

The chorus pays homage to the beauty of just doing you. "To be Pyotr Tchaikovsky/ To be free like everyone else/ There will be no flags to warn me, no!/ 'Cause I just want to be myself," Chris Martin sings. The band released their eighth studio album, Everyday Life, in Nov. 2019. The double-album was split into two parts, "Sunrise" and "Sunset," and was preceded by the singles "Orphans" and "Arabesque."

Check out their tweet and listed to "Flags" below