Halsey Shares What Inspired Her Debut Poetry Collection: 'Some Things You Can't Sing'

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Halsey during an interview on 'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.'

Halsey dropped by The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on Wednesday (Nov. 11) to promote her new book of poetry, I Would Leave Me If I Could, and dished on the importance of baring it all with her fans.

"Poetry was just kind of like ... I write all the time," the singer said of how her debut collection came to be. "And I was like, 'Some things you can't sing,' you know? And I just wanted to put it out there and let people have it, and get to know me a little bit in this time where it's so difficult to connect with my fans the way that I'm used to. 'Cause, you know, as a musician, I really don't know when I'm gonna be allowed back on a stage again. And that makes me very sad."

When asked by host Trevor Noah, Halsey also revealed what she hopes fans will take from the book of poems, which touches on heavy topics from going through a miscarriage to surviving sexual assault.

"I mean, I certainly initially feel like I have a sense of responsibility because I do find that people in my position very often only share the good, you know?" she said. "So I do feel responsible to share, kind of, my transgressions and my traumas, in a way. Obviously I still keep some things to myself, 'cause I have to have some boundaries. But I was kind of an open book from the start, so I wanted to keep being that way."

To do so, the pop star looked to the generation of celebrities that grew up in the spotlight before her. "I was born in 1994. So the pop star generation that I grew up with was very tailored and very sterile," Halsey said. "Everyone was incredibly talented; it was one of the greatest crop of musicians we've ever had in that era -- that kind of, like, late MTV era. But everyone was also very polished.

"You know, we saw what the record label wanted us to see. We saw images that were published in magazines," she continued. "And obviously, that stuff started changing when the paparazzi era really evolved, and then all the dark stuff was being shared when the artists didn't want it to be. You know, there was no consent in it. So I think now it's about kind of finding a nice balance between pulling back the curtain in a way that I have control over and also learning to keep some stuff to myself because it's healthy to do so. But I think my fans just deserve it."

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