Why Don't We's Cover of 'Potential Breakup Song' Earns Aly & AJ's Stamp of Approval

Why Don't We
Zack Caspary

Why Don't We

Why Don't We dropped their harmony-laden cover of Aly & AJ's "Potential Breakup Song" on Monday (Nov. 9), and it's safe to say the sisters loved the group's take on their signature song.

In the video, the boy band performs the 2007 fan-favorite hit by the sister act in a spare, echoing loft as shadows and light play across their faces.

"You're not livin' till you're livin'/ Livin' with me/ You're not winnin' till you're winnin'/ Winnin' me/ You're not gettin' till you're gettin'/ Gettin' me/ You're not livin' till you're livin'/ Livin' for me/ This is the potential breakup song/ Our album needs just one/ Oh baby, please," the quintet croons over acoustic guitar, sending their falsetto up to the rafters in four-part harmony.

Aly & AJ were quick to react to the clip, sharing on their own Twitter feed how much they loved the boy band's rendition of their popular tune. "Stunning harmonies guys!! You can cover our tunes anytime 🙂 thanks for the love," the sisters wrote.

Released in June 2007 as the lead single of their sophomore LP Insomniatic, "Potential Breakup Song" became the highest-charting hit of Aly & AJ's career, peaking at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. Following a and brief rebranding as 78violet and subsequent ten-year hiatus, the sisters have since returned to music -- releasing EPs Ten Years and Sanctuary and a number of singles in recent years, including 2020's "Attack of Panic" and "Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor."

Meanwhile, Why Don't We are busy promoting their new single "Fallin' (Adrenaline)," which earned the band their very first chart entry on the Hot 100 by landing at No. 37 during the week of Oct. 17. Over the weekend, they also performed the track -- which samples Kanye West's 2013 Yeezus-era single "Black Skinhead" -- during the pre-show for the 2020 MTV Europe Music Awards.

Watch Why Don't We tackle "Potential Breakup Song" below.