Turns Out, Bagel Bites Are Ariana Grande's Biggest Fans

Ariana Grande
Dave Meyers

Ariana Grande

Who would have thought that Bagel Bites are Arianators?

The pizza snack company took to Twitter on Friday (Oct. 30) to very eloquently gush over Ariana Grande's newly released album Positions. "ari does a lot well but her music about reconciling with past traumas and her mental health hits me best," the tweet reads. "when I think about how many lives this young woman has lived, i’m in awe. she describes love as experienced by a flawed, imperfect person in such a special way. amazing."

Bagel Bites also gave some recommendations when asked about go-to songs. "for something upbeat and one of the most sonically unique songs i have ever heard, love language. incredible. for something slower and more vulnerable, safety net or pov. i love both."

Grande shared all our thoughts when she retweeted the original post, adding a white heart and wrote "wait this is really a tweet from bagel bites that’s crazy."

But Bagel Bites wasn't done. The company replied to Ari's thoughts, exclaiming, "OH MY GOD," with a string of crying face emojis. "YOU ARE AMAZING THANK YOU FOR YOUR MIND AND YOUR MUSIC AND YOUR VULNERABILITY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH."

"i’ve died. i’m dead. my ghost is tweeting this," another tweet added.

See the lovefest below.