Watch Lady Gaga Serve Glam 'Ballot Drop-Off Realness' as She Votes Early

Lady Gaga
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for AT&T

Lady Gaga attends AT&T TV Super Saturday Night at Meridian at Island Gardens on Feb.1, 2020 in Miami.

Yasss Gaga! On Monday night (Oct. 26), Lady Gaga took to social media to show off just how fiercely she exercised her civic duty at the ballot box this year.

"Category: Ballot Drop Off Realness," she captioned the Instagram video, which features her strutting to drop off her ballot to the tune of Chromatica album cut "Babylon."

It's the thing that you bring/ That you bring, that you bring/ Him, you and me/ That's gossip/ Strut it out, walk a mile/ Serve it, ancient-city style/ Talk it out, babble on/ Battle for your life, Babylon," the pop star sings on the track as she saunters up to the official drop-off location wearing a gray t-shirt dress, sparkly pink thigh-high platforms and her "I Voted" sticker, and slides her ballot into the chute.

Just a couple of days earlier, Gaga had also shared how excited she was to vote early when her ballot arrived in the mail, tweeting, "Ballot’s here! And it’s #VoteEarlyDay! Today’s the perfect day to join the 46 million people who have already cast their ballots in the 2020 election," while urging fans to make their own voting plans.

(It's important to note that, while Gaga's ballot box video is totally on the up-and-up, taking a selfie with your filled-out ballot is illegal in many states, and can result in your vote not being counted. So be careful and check the laws on your home state's voting website before posting anything to social media!)

Watch Lady Gaga submit her vote in the 2020 presidential election below.

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