Bebe Rexha Gets 'Quizzed' by 'Clueless' Star Alicia Silverstone — Then Turns the Tables

As if! Alicia Silverstone puts Bebe Rexha's knowledge of the iconic '90s movie Clueless to the test in the latest episode of Billboard's "Quizzed" video series, now in its second season.

"Bebe, I hope you've been doing your homework because I don't know any of these answers!" laughs Silverstone, who starred as protagonist Cher. "I might know some of them ..."

Armed with a magenta pen with a fluffy poof at the top -- similar to Cher's pink writing utensil of choice in the rom-com -- Rexha, who released her new song "Baby, I'm Jealous" featuring Doja Cat on Oct. 9, was ready to share her immense knowledge of the film.

After nailing the True or False round of "Quizzed" with lightning speed, the singer-songwriter declares, "I'm a professional at Clueless facts!"

The General Trivia round -- which included questions about Cher's cause for the school charity drive, the song Elton (Jeremy Sisto) sang with Tai (Brittany Murphy), and more -- didn't go much differently. That leads Silverstone to ponder: "If I didn't have these answers, I'm really curious if I would know these answers. ... I'm just wondering if you were given the cheat sheet before this!"

During the round, Rexha admits that revisiting the film as an adult brought new understanding to some of the lines and props. "Watching the movie growing up, I didn't notice a lot of the dirty ... like the bong, or when Dionne said 'hymenally challenged.' I never noticed that stuff, or the herbal refreshment," she shares. "Now I get it! It has so much of a different meaning -- it's really awesome."

After Rexha impresses the actress in the third round, Silverstone becomes curious about how much she herself still remembers from the film -- 25 years after its release. "Maybe you should quiz me for a second," Silverstone suggests. "I'm not gonna know anything!"

Watch the full episode of "Quizzed" above to see how much the Clueless star remembers from her starring role, and whether Rexha missed any questions! If you want more episodes of "Quizzed," check out the series' page.

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