Here Are All the Cameos in Ariana Grande's 'Positions' Video

Ariana Grande "positions"
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Ariana Grande "positions"

Ariana Grande took on the role of Commander in Chief for her timely, presidential new "Positions" music video.

Much like her other creative pursuits, the pop star took her friends and family along for the White House ride, leaning on those she loves for the challenges that come with the top job.

In honor of the video’s release (and a new Ari era), Billboard has put together a list of all of the familiar faces in the "Positions" music video. See below.

Tayla Parx

Grande's frequent collaborator Parx appears as her right-hand man in the Oval Office, supporting the singer as she signs an important bill.

Victoria Monet

The singer's BFF Monet, styling in shades and a sleek power suit, helps President Grande make all the important decisions during a staff conference.

Nija Charles

Nija, who is credited as a songwriter on the track, can be seen next to Grande during the press conference, diligently taking notes.

Joan Grande

Mama knows best, right? That's why Grande called on her mother to become a presidential advisor. You can catch Joan giving her thoughts in the clip's opening conference.

Tyler Ford

Like Parx, Grande's longtime pal Tyler took on the important role of standing beside her as she signed off on a bill, taking part in a little dance party along the way.

Misha Lambert

Songwriter Lambert was also an important staple in Grande's cabinet, and can be seen allowing her voice to be heard in the staff meeting before heading to the bill signing alongside Ford and Parx.

Ariana's Dogs, Led by Toulouse

Toulouse is always watching over Grande (his photo is framed behind her in the cabinet meeting). At the end of the video, Grande is seen taking her dogs for a snowy walk among the White House grounds, with Toulouse part of the squad.

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