Katy Perry Urges Fans to 'Flex That Patriotic Muscle' by Voting Early: Watch Her PSA

Katy Perry
Liza Voloshin

Katy Perry

Katy Perry wants YOU to vote! On Wednesday (Oct. 21), the singer shared a heartfelt video on social media encouraging fans to cast their ballots early.

"FLEX THAT PATRIOTIC MUSCLE and vote early! Vote now!" Perry captioned the post, including resources and information from IWillVote.com on ID requirements, polling places, how to request a mail-in ballot and more.

"Voting has already started across the country, so I wanted to make sure all of you have your plan to vote early too," she says in the clip while wearing an orange moto jacket, matching floral top and large gold earrings. "Voting early has never been easier or more convenient. Trust me. And in most places, you can vote early by mail or vote early in person."

She goes on to explain how voters can send in their vote early using official drop boxes or by mail, reminding viewers to "follow the instructions so carefully on the ballot so your vote is counted" and to wear a mask if they plan on voting in person.

"Guys, I'm voting early this year because I know this election's going to be close and I do not want to let anything go to chance. In fact, I already voted. I just mailed in my ballot a few days ago," Perry concluded. "I knew I wanted to be one of the first people to move our country forward."

Throughout this year's election cycle, the superstar has kept her advocacy at the forefront by headlining Rock the Vote's Democracy Summer 2020 concert, regularly tweeting support for causes close to her heart and more -- all while promoting her latest album Smile and enjoying life as a new mom to baby Daisy Bloom.

Watch Perry's PSA on the importance of voting early below, and check out a roundup of other celebs who have voted early here.

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