P!nk Had a Lot of Thoughts About the First Presidential Debate

Ruvan Afanador

P!nk photographed on Sept. 17, 2019 in Santa Barbara, Calif. Styling by Kim Bowen.

'We are ALL BETTER THAN THIS,' the singer tweeted on Tuesday night (Sept. 29).

Like a lot of Americans, P!nk stayed up late on Tuesday night (Sept. 29) to watch and react to the first presidential debate, running off a string of tweets urging us all to do and be better.

Also like a lot of people watching, the singer took issue with Fox News debate moderator Chris Wallace's seeming inability to stop Pres. Trump from constantly interrupting him and Democratic challenger former Vice President Joe Biden during the heated, chaotic debate that some dubbed the worst in modern memory.

"I feel like the moderators of our debates now need to be preschool teachers in order to deal with the sulking clown that is Donald," P!nk tweeted, kicking off a string of reactions that included her endorsing calls for prolific actor (and four-letter word master) Samuel L. Jackson to moderate the next showdown between the White House rivals.

The bottom line, though, was that her vote is going to "an adult with experience that acts as well or better than I expect my children to behave. JOE BIDEN," she wrote.

When a Twitter user tried to troll the singer by twisting her words and saying Trump won the night, well, you know what happened next. "Oh I did Honey cakes. My vote goes to JOE BIDEN because I don't believe in racists and liars," she replied.

From there, she just got more amped up, encouraging her 32 million followers to help vote out this "racist, childish, ignorant, tax evading, DRAFT DODGING CLOWN OUT OF OFFICE" on a night when Trump was widely condemned for refusing to condemn white supremacists when explicitly asked to do so by Biden and Wallace.

Her next message went out to parents who may have been watching the debate with their children. "America, Are you okay with this dips--t? Seriously?," she wrote. "I’m so ashamed that we’ve lowered ourselves to even consider another term for this shameful loser. Even if you think it’s still defendable behavior. Your children are watching."

P!nk wasn't alone in her visceral reaction to the cringe-worthy debate, with many other stars weighing in with their hot takes, even as she went on to say that what is currently happening is not working and that Americans need to come together at one in order to move forward. "We are all one people," she said. "Even though the racist in charge has confused things because he himself is confused, we are ALL better than this. Even Trump supporters know this. We are ALL BETTER THAN THIS."

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Check out P!nk's tweets below, including some support from Sam Smith.