Need More 'Ice Cream'? Here Are 5 Blackpink & Selena Gomez Interviews to Check Out

BlackPink Selena Gomez
Courtesy of Interscope

Need more "Ice Cream"? Blackpink and Selena Gomez have got you covered!

The K-pop idols and the superstar released their highly-anticipated collaboration at the end of August, and ever since they've been serving up the tea about how the song came together in various interviews from quarantine.

Speaking to Radio.com, the Blackpink girls gushed about what it was like to team up with Gomez for the sweet track. "We're really, really honored to be working with her," Rosé said during the joint chat. "I mean, we've really been big fans of her, ever since we were, like, trainees, growing up, watching her on TV, first of all, and listening to her music...big fans. We even practiced [learning] her songs when we were trainees ourselves, so it's just unbelievable that we get to work with her. She's the sweetest person we've ever actually met."

Gomez, meanwhile, was quick to return the compliment, revealing she first met Jisoo and Rosé at New York Fashion Week in 2019. In a separate chat with SiriusXM, the pop star also explained that Blackpink filmed their cut of the "Ice Cream" video in South Korea, while she worked separately in Los Angeles due to travel restrictions amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to its massive opening week, "Ice Cream" earned the K-pop girl group the highest stateside chart entry of their careers thus far, bowing at No. 13 on the Hot 100. (Their previous high water marks -- Lady Gaga collab "Sour Candy" and swaggering solo single "How You Like That" -- coincidentally both peaked at No. 33 over the summer.)

Below, check out a roundup of five interviews with Blackpink and Selena dishing everything you need to know about "Ice Cream."