Justin Bieber is a Big 'Dynamite' Fan and Knows Exactly Why the BTS Song is Crushing It

Justin Bieber
Joe Termini

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber knows a thing or two about how important it is to get your single played on radio. Which is why he totally gets the success of BTS' No. 1 hit "Dynamite," which has topped the Billboard Hot 100. In a voiceover for E! News, Bieber breaks down the success of the K-Pop superstars' smash, starting with the fact that the song is their first all-English language effort.

"If anyone knows how to make history, it's BTS. The K-Pop group has been shattering records across the global music industry," Bieber says in the voiceover, which also notes that the colorful "Dynamite" video set the record for the most views in a single day in YouTube history and that the No. 1 debut made them the first all-South Korean group to notch that record. "From ringing in the New Year in Times Square to Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, they performed in Grand Central Station for The Tonight Show and wowed at this year's virtual VMAs."

It's unclear why Bieber recorded the 1:45 tribute to BTS, but he does note that unlike previous BTS hits such as "Boy With Luv" and "On," American radio stations are giving "Dynamite" a lot of airtime. "Historically, non-English songs have had a hard time getting radio play, and as a result rarely do they see the top of the Billboard charts," he says. JB notes, though, that fans shouldn't expect BTS to go all-English, all the time now, since they've said that staying true to their native tongue is a big part of their art and identity.

Watch Bieber's BTS video here.