Tori Kelly Has the Cutest Quarantine Alarm Clocks in Billboard's 'That Life': Exclusive

Tori Kelly
Elizabeth Miranda

Tori Kelly

Forget the obnoxious buzzing of the average alarm clock! Singer-songwriter Tori Kelly reveals the super cute way she gets a wake-up call in the mornings.

In her exclusive "That Life" IGTV video for Billboard, the artist -- who recently released her EP Solitude -- takes fans through a day in her life during quarantine. Kelly's morning starts when her adorable fluffy little dogs Frodo and Dobby jump all over her in bed to give her slobbery kisses and snuggles.

From there, it's the usual workout and breakfast routine. But then comes the glamming, as the two-time Grammy winner prepares to work on a video. "I actually haven't been wearing that much makeup during quarantine, but today I'm actually filming a little acoustic video," she explains of prepping to film her song "Unbothered" off the new EP.

After spending a few hours on the project, Kelly -- who participated in Billboard's Live At-Home concert series in April to raise money for Feeding America -- the musician was ready to kick back. Find out how she relaxes after hours of work in her full IGTV video below.

Kelly's five-song EP, Solitude, was self-recorded at her home studio in the spring during the shelter-in-place guidelines due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

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