Laura Marano Shows Fans a Day in Quarantine in Billboard's 'That Life': Exclusive

Laura Marano
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Laura Marano

Laura Marano took over Billboard's IGTV on Thursday (Aug. 20) to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at her life in quarantine in the latest edition of "That Life."

In the clip, the singer-songwriter starts her day off with a run, rehearses an acoustic rendition of her latest single "Honest With You," and even questions whether she needs to go to urgent care after burning her finger while getting ready.

"My incredible, lovely boyfriend Tom Macken has not only been helping me with the production and the recording of my songs that are gonna be on my EP, but he also has been moonlighting as my guitarist," she reveals of how she and her significant other are working on music during the quarantine.

"Can I be honest? I really want you right now/ People lie sometimes, it's true/ Baby why would I lie to you?" Marano croons over Macken's guitar before their rehearsal dissolves into a fit of giggles and goofing off, with the singer admitting, "If I am being honest, this is how rehearsal goes all the time."

The Austin & Ally alum is currently prepping the release of her sophomore EP You, which is set to be released in October via Flip Phone Records. Along with her latest single, the EP will also feature previously-released tracks "When You Wake Up" and "Can't Hold On Forever." Most recently, Marano also performed a Billboard Live At-Home set back in April, raising money for the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Check out a day in Marano's life, exclusively on Billboard's IGTV, below.

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