Drop Everything and Listen to These 7 Excellent ‘Folklore’ Covers

Taylor Swift
Beth Garrabrant

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift released two surprise albums this year -- Folklore, then Evermore -- and Swifties have been digging into both. But Folklore in particular continues to resonate, as fans around the globe continue to sink their proverbial teeth into the surprise album's 16 indie-leaning tracks.

At turns whimsical, introspective and stunningly poetic, Folklore's track list also gives musically-inclined Swifties plenty of new material to devour and they've delivered in full force, sharing covers and reinterpretations of everything from album opener "The One" and the swooning "Invisible String" to Bon Iver duet "Exile" and teenage love saga "Betty."

Below, Billboard has rounded up seven Folklore covers you need to hear by the likes of Brie Larson, Maisie Peters, Sam Tsui and more.

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Tenille Arts, "Invisible String"

Playing a sparkly pink acoustic guitar, Tenille Arts channeled Swift's country roots with her acoustic take on fan favorite track "Invisible String." It's far from her only rendition from Swift's catalog; in the past, the Canadian country singer has also covered 1989-era hit "Style," inspirational Fearless ballad "Change," and even mashed up "The Lucky One" from 2012's Red with Britney Spears' 2000 classic "Lucky."

Brie Larson, "The 1"

The Oscar winner dusted off her guitar skills to offer up her take on wistful opener "The 1," dedicated to her friend Jessie. After being reminded of her impressive vocal chops, it's no wonder the actress had a short-lived career as a teen pop star in the mid-2000s, just a few years before Swift burst onto the scene with her own self-titled debut album.

Maisie Peters, "Betty"

This piano-driven cover of "Betty" is so tender, it even caught the eye of Swift herself after Peters shared it on social media. "My ears have been blessed on this fine Tuesday," the superstar wrote on Twitter in reply to the rising star's sweet cover.

Maisie Peters and Griff, "Exile"

Peters is clearly a major fan, as she joined her pal Griff for a second Folklore cover! In December, Griff shared the fifth episode of her "Against the Clock" YouTube series, where she has "1 hour to create, reproduce and reinvent a song." She called on Peters to join the challenge, and the pair put their on spin on "Exile."

Sam Tsui, "Exile"

Best known for his imaginative takes on major pop hits, YouTube star Tsui reinterpreted "Exile" as a solo number, tackling both Bon Iver and Swift's verses in an octave-leaping vocal performance accompanied by Jason Pitts on acoustic guitar.

Izzie Naylor, "August"

Up-and-coming alt-pop singer Izzie Naylor dove into the Folklore aesthetic with her cover of "August," performing her version of the track in a field of wildflowers. Strumming an acoustic guitar, the U.K.-based artist even channeled Swift's look in the "Cardigan" video in her own lacy white nightgown.

Cabeau, "Betty"

"Have you ever wondered what 'Betty' from Folklore would sound like if it were a pop punk song?" TikTok user @1Cabeau inquires in a now-viral clip, before delving into a guitar-heavy, Warped Tour-appropriate version of the song.