Pentatonix Show Off Their Pets — and Significant Others! — in Quarantine: Exclusive

Dennis Leupold


How on theme! Pentatonix, who released their EP At Home in June, are taking fans through a day in their homes during the coronavirus pandemic in an exclusive video for Billboard's IGTV series "The Takeover."

Like many, the a cappella quintet -- Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, and Matt Sallee -- often start the day with some caffeine. "I woke up about an hour ago and Postmated some Starbucks because we can't go anywhere," admits Grassi while holding up his large iced beverage. Other morning routines include reading a self-help book, a little prayer, and meditation.

Some of the group members also shared who they've been sheltering in place with. For Maldonado, it's her gorgeous pups. "This is Floof. He's one of my sweet, fluffy little boys," she explains of the tiny dog  before moving on to two beautiful cream-colored huskies. "This is Olaf and Pascal. They're sunbathing."

Olusola, Sallee, and Hoying, meanwhile, have been enjoying some quality time in the kitchen with their significant others. "One of my favorite parts of quarantine has been this lovely lady and her cooking," gushes Sallee. "Look at this healthy meal!"

Hoying shares that he's been doing some cooking too ... well, eggs at breakfast, that is. "I actually haven't been cooking that much," he admits before introducing his love. "This is my handsome boyfriend, Mark, who has kept me company during quarantine. He usually does a lot of the cooking. ... We're Mark stans here!"

See how else the members of Pentatonix are spending their time during the pandemic by watching their full IGTV video below!