Every Celeb That Taylor Swift Sent a ‘Folklore’ Cardigan To

Taylor Swift celebrated the surprise release of her new album by sending Folklore-inspired cardigans over the weekend to a long list of pals, fans and supporters.

From bestie Martha Hunt and Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness to Kelsea Ballerini and Jennifer Hudson, many of the recipients took to social media to express their appreciation for both the cozy gift and Swift's soothing latest studio set, which features first single "Cardigan."

"Thank you for the cardigan and the beautiful, intricate, mystical new album @taylorswift. your ability to create unbounded and ever growing music is the most inspiring," Ballerini captioned a selfie wearing the cardigan, while Hunt recreated Swift's woodsy, grayscale photoshoot while wearing the sweater. "I knew you tried to change the ending - peter losing wendy," the model wrote alongside the shots, referencing lyrics from the final refrain of "Cardigan."

Meanwhile, pop singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt also posted a thoughtful note about how Swift inspired her to launch her music career while posing in the cardigan. "Thank you @taylorswift for this cozy gift and for being such a support on my last album," she wrote. "So grateful to be recognised by the person who inspired me to become a musician. I will forever be inspired by you! folklore is my favourite one yet please listen if you haven’t already. the lyrics are so beautiful and I love the new sound p.s when I die please bury me in this cardigan lol."

Each gift came with a personal note from Swift herself: "I hope this c a r d i g a n will keep you warm and cozy in these extremely un-cozy times. Sending you a socially distanced h u g and all my love, taylor," she wrote on silver cardstock, which coordinated with the stars embroidered into each cardigan's sleeves.

Among the other artists who received a sweater from the superstar were Kesha, Adam Lambert, Fletcher and Loren Gray, the latter of whom made an appearance in Swift's music video for Lover-era single "The Man" earlier this year.

Check out a running list of all the celebs and supporters Swift gifted Folklore cardigans below.