Natasha Bedingfield Brings People 'Together in This' Inspirational, Socially Distanced Dance Video

Natasha Bedingfield
Dayne Malan

Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield recorded "Together in This" as the end title track for the animated Jungle Beat: The Movie, and her accompanying music video from today (June 26) certainly tied it all together with its main message.

Written by famed songwriter and her friend Jonas Myrin, "Together in This" consoles listeners who think they have to tackle adversities on their own but don't have to. And for the better portion of the three-minute visual, no one has to dance alone, either. Six-year-old YouTube star Anastasia Radzinskaya choreographed a routine that other folks like Derek Hough and Jungle Beat's characters follow along to for their socially distanced jubilee.

In an interview with People published earlier today, Bedingfield said her new song extends beyond friendship and connects to allyship, an incredibly relevant topic during the resurgent Black Lives Matter movement and Pride Month. "We're all divided right now, but I think that we are finding ways to unite, even if you think about the protests, and I feel like people are finding what's important to them and uniting on causes that matter," she told People. "Some people are separated from their families and they're having to find creative ways to connect with them."

Jungle Beat: The Movie also debuted on digital streaming services all over the world today. The animated family-friendly flick features a homesick alien who crashes his spaceship in an African jungle and makes some furry animal friends who have to help him return to his ship before his Space-Conqueror father takes over the planet.

"I've been trying to find ways to keep my child entertained without him being able to play with other kids," she said to People about her two-and-a-half-year-old son Solomon, who recently underwent multiple surgeries for a brain infection. "So finding movies or TV shows that I know have good messages and the whole family can watch is really something that's like gold. Right now your kids are getting educated a lot more on screen than probably you would even want, but it's just necessary."

Watch Bedingfield's "Together in This" music video below.