Ariana Grande Sends Food & Coffee Trucks to Kentucky Voters on Primary Day

Tuesday (June 23) marks the primary in New York, Virginia and Kentucky, and Ariana Grande is helping her fans in Kentucky feel better while voting in crucial primaries that could determine the shape of November's congressional race.

"sent some food and coffee trucks for everyone waiting in line ! please pull up, enjoy and use your voice today we need u," she wrote on Twitter, tagging the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville.

The state is particularly under fire, following what CNN predicted could be a "chaotic" vote due to severely limited in-person polling locations as a result of concerns over the coronavirus.

There are normally 3,700 polling stations in the state, but only 170 will be available on Tuesday, and only one in the area's two most populous counties, one of which, Jefferson County, is home to the state's largest Black community.