Halsey Posts String Bikini Pic, Casually Mentions She's Studying For Bar Exam, Broke Her Ankle Doing Dishes, NBD

Oh, and she's a world-class chef now, too.

Halsey is definitely making the most of quarantine. According to an Instagram selfie bikini post from Tuesday (May 26), she made a homemade quiche and some fresh spinach butternut squash ravioli recently, has been obsessively watching Avatar and staring at a baby picture that made her realize that she's been a "disassociating little freak who romanticizes the 70s for my whole life."

Oh, and she recently broke her ankle doing the dishes. Did we mention that part? In an interview with England's Capital Breakfast on Monday, the singer explained a series of recent posts in which she revealed the domestic mishap referenced in the pic. "I took my brace off my ankle because it was itchy and now I need to put it back," she captioned the snap. "Law is fun but hard."

So, she's also apparently studying constitutional law for the bar exam ?

The comments made more sense if you listened to the interview, in which she explained, "I was loading the dishwasher and I pulled the door down to load the dishwasher and the kitchen floor was wet and I tripped over the dishwasher door. And after 2,000 live shows where I’m jumping around for two hours I finally fractured my ankle in the kitchen at my house.”

It was a silly way to get hurt, for sure, but it actually is worse than it seems. "I was doing okay till I broke 2 toes on the other foot," she tweeted in response to a fan who asked how she's recuperating. "So now I have a cast on left foot and 2 broken toes on right foot. Waddling like a penguin."

Check out the interview and Instagram post below.