How to Cook Pasta, Wash a Dog & More: 8 Things We Learned About Justin & Hailey Bieber From Their Facebook Show

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It's been an eye-opening month for Beliebers who have been watching Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber dive into their love story during their fly-on-the-wall Facebook series The Biebers on Watch. Hunkered down during the COVID-19 lockdown at their Toronto mansion, the couple has gone fishing, applied each other's skin and makeup regimens, and practiced for a future child by bathing their dog.

What did we learn from the series? Here are eight important takeaways:

He Didn't Know How to Cook Pasta

The superstar needed a lesson in boiling pasta water in order to make his favorite carb-heavy dish featuring sausage, tomato sauce and a healthy dose of heavy cream. "So the water is getting to a boil. Once that's, like, fully going -- partying -- then you can put the pasta in," Hailey instructs her husband, leading him to clarify not once, but two more times that the pasta should indeed go in the water.

He Retaliates ... Playfully

In addition to playing Jenga, the couple spend plenty of time dissecting their relationship, and, yes, revealing that even they squabble sometimes. And when Hailey teases Justin, well, he retaliates with playful biting and vicious Nerf gun attacks.

They Have a Favorite Bedtime Show

Stars, they're just like us -- they love Friends too! "We watch Friends every night before we go to bed," Hailey said, before adding, “I watched all of Friends from start to finish when I was single; I watched it every day.”

Justin added a tasty food analogy. “It's a good palate cleanser for the soul in the sense of -- you know how you have ginger when you have sushi? Same vibe," he said in one of their Watch AMAs.

He Went to 'Moms' Camp

While Hailey never attended sleep-away camp, Justin went to a number of them, including a basketball one and something called "Moms Camp" when he was 10, which was full of "mom activities" like macaroni necklaces and a "duckie dip" in the cold lake every morning.

He Wishes He'd Saved Himself for Hailey

Justin feels bad about not saving himself for marriage. “I don’t regret anything because I think it makes you who you are, and you learn from things. If I could go back and not have to face some of the bad hurt that I went through, I probably would’ve saved myself for marriage," he said in episode six.

He's Got Makeup Skills

Of course, Justin is also good at doing makeup. While the singer expressed trepidation about trying to put Hailey's face on, as it turns out, all those years in the makeup chair getting ready for appearances taught him a thing or two.

"I'm accepting what's happening," Hailey says near the end of the episode, impressed that her hubby knows what a "T-zone" is. "It's actually really good. It's not bad at all ... Justin's coming for every makeup artist."

Hailey Snuck Out to Meet him

Hailey revealed that she once snuck out of her parent's house to go on a date with Justin. "He asked me to go get sushi with him and I called my parents to ask them if I could go and they said no. They were like, 'Absolutely not, you’re not going to hang out with Justin by yourself, that’s not happening,'" Hailey said, adding that her sister covered for her.

He's Never Bathed a Pup

Justin has never washed a dog before -- like, ever. In one episode, the couple gave their blonde Yorkie a bath, and Hailey learned that JB was a pup-scrubbing newbie.