Katy Perry Gets Animated in Wild 'Daisies' Lyric Video: Watch

Katy Perry "Daisies"
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Katy Perry "Daisies"

If you thought Katy Perry's trippy "Daisies" performance on last week's American Idol finale was wild, wait until you see the even more out-there clip it was based on. Perry revealed on Monday night (May 25) that her green screen Idol romp was a live action version of an animation created by Vallee Duhamel studios.

In the lyric vid, a faceless woman locks herself away in a pink house to avoid the sticks and stones of haters, only to find that the rules of gravity don't apply as she pushes the walls out and floats into the air in a storm of flower petals.

Check out the animated video below and a behind-the-scenes look at the Idol performance.