Katy Perry Talks Pregnancy Hormones and Gaining the 'COVID 30' in Quarantine

Katy perry
Daniel Pockett/Getty Images

Katy Perry photographed on March 11, 2020 in Bright, Australia.

Plus, she sang "Firework," "Roar" and "Never Really Over" live from her at-home studio.

Expectant mother Katy Perry is experiencing the joys and challenges of being pregnant while in quarantine.

In an interview for SHEIN Together, a virtual event held on Saturday (May 9) to benefit the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO), Perry admitted that pregnancy hormones are in full effect.

"I would say I have five good days and two days where I just, I cry when I look down at my toes or I cry when just doing simple tasks," she said, speaking to her laptop, which she casually mentioned was sitting on top of a trash can viewers couldn't see. "I also think a lot of that is probably hormonal."

"And I'm not used to being around so many people all in a confined space for so long," added Perry, who is engaged to Orlando Bloom. "I'm used to kind of going all the time. I like my own kind of alone time, and there's not really anywhere to go for that besides my car. I go to my car a lot -- it's parked outside my house."

Perry, who said she's embracing a boho look as her body changes, kept it real as she pointed out "some of us are gaining the COVID 15 or losing the COVID 15. I might be gaining the COVID 30 'cause I'm eating for two. So every week, I'm like, you know, different."

See her interview and watch her perform three of her singles -- "Firework," "Roar" and "Never Really Over" -- from home in the clip below.