Loote Enlist Travis Barker For Conflicted Breakup Track 'Sex With My Ex': Exclusive

Alex K. Justice


The track also features Captain Cuts and Home Alone.

Pop duo Loote premiered their brash new single, "Sex With My Ex" on Thursday (April 23), exclusively to Billboard.

Featuring Travis Barker, Captain Cuts and Home Alone, the trap-inspired track finds bandmates Jackson Foote and Emma Lov caught in a tangle of complications with their former flames.

"I just had sex with my ex and I don't feel nothin', feel nothin'/ Ever since we broke up, I don't know what love is, yeah/ I just had sex with my ex, but it's still just f--kin', just f--kin'/ Ever since we broke up, I don't know what love is, yeah," the pair harmonize on the chorus over the Blink-182 drummer's harsh, syncopated beats.

"'Sex With My Ex' is about walking through old doors and realizing that things don’t feel the way they used to. It’s never a good idea, even though so many of us have done it anyway," Loote tells Billboard.

"The Travis Barker collaboration was literally a dream; we didn’t even think it was realistic to have him on a track -- we couldn’t even imagine," the duo adds. "We said it was a joke, but we figured, 'F--k it, let's see what happens.' A couple days later we got a DM from Travis on Instagram like, 'Yo, I love the song you guys sent me.' It was unreal."

The conflicted breakup track is set to be featured on the pop act's forthcoming third EP, Heart Eyes, and follows recent singles "Somebody Else," "This Is How U Feel" and "Wasted Summer."

Check out the exclusive premiere of "Sex With My Ex" below.