Here Are Britney Spears' Best Quarantine Moments

Britney Spears

Britney Spears attends the 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Beverly Hilton on April 12, 2018 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Oops! She did it again. If anyone is winning at life during lockdown, it's Britney Spears.

From showing off her signature dance moves to sharing cheerful doses of motivation -- and always wearing her favorite lace choker -- the pop icon's Instagram feed has become a bright light amid the stress and anxiety of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Below, Billboard rounded up all of Brit's best quarantine moments.

Dancing to Justin Timberlake's "Filthy"

On April 15, Spears gave fans everything they could want by posting a pair of clips dancing around to ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake's 2018 Man of the Woods-era single "Filthy." In the caption, the superstar even acknowledged her headline-making relationship with the former *NSYNC golden boy, writing, "As you can see I’m not really dancing folks …… I’m just very bored. PS I know we had one of the world's biggest breakups 20 years ago …… but hey the man is a genius !!!! Great song JT !!!! Pssss if you KNOW WHAT'S GOOD !!!!!!"

Timberlake himself later reacted to the post, leaving an appreciative series of hands-up and cry-laughing emojis in the comments section.

Thanking Healthcare Workers

Brit gave a sweet shout-out to healthcare workers across the country serving on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis on April 11, saying, "To all the workers who have put so much time and dedication into helping us during the coronavirus, I wanna say thank you. Your help and dedication means so much to all of us, and we love you."

Queen of Quarantine Self-Care

On April 10, the pop star shared with her millions of followers her best tips for staying sane and healthy while cooped up inside, preaching the importance of self-care while getting her zen on. "Meditation, prayer, and working out is crucial for this time in our lives!" she captioned the IGTV clip. "Lifting each other up and being positive is also very important to keep higher frequencies going in the body to help us clear our energy. The power of your thoughts are also very crucial !!!!! Make sure you’re sending good vibes out there no matter what …. God will do the rest."

Britney Spears, Film Critic at Large

Spears gave fans her unfiltered take on the 2020 Robert Downey Jr.-starring Doolittle, declaring it "a must-see" in a gushing Instagram post. "[T]here seems to be a Special Tone throughout the whole movie which I find hard to find these days," she wrote of the film. "Pss …. how long has it been since you’ve seen what you’ve wanted to see ….. I can’t even count how many movies I’ve watched in this quarantine so far" -- following that with a series of eye-roll and laughing emojis.

Serving the Best Coronavirus Meme

To celebrate World Health Day (April 7), the superstar threw it back to her "Baby One More Time" days by sharing a popular meme connecting the lyrics in her debut single to the importance of social distancing. "Enough said," Spears captioned the meme, which features an animated version of her school-girl look from the song's iconic music video holding up a bottle of hand sanitizer and declaring, "My loneliness is saving me!"

Showing Off Her Natural Curls

Sometimes it's the small things that make life in quarantine bearable. Spears showed off a new hairstyle on March 31 while reminding fans to stay safe indoors. "I woke up and my hair was curly today !!! I was kind of excited," she captioned a selfie featuring her long locks pushed over one shoulder. "I hope you guys are having a wonderful time with your families and remember …. stay safe my friends."

Finding "Nirvana" Amid the Butterflies

The pop star shared a mini #TBT at the end of March, writing about a recent memorable hike and showing off a hilly landscape in a pair of snaps. "Two weeks ago I went on a hike …. I picked three different kinds of sage and met six white butterflies !!!! I believe seeing that many butterflies at once is a sign of experiencing Nirvana …. it was pretty cool," she wrote alongside the nature shots.

Celebrating 20 Years of "Oops!...I Did It Again"

The pop singer marked the 20-year anniversary of the music video for "Oops!...I Did It Again," the smash lead single off her 2000 sophomore LP of the same title, with a sentimental snap from the visual's space-themed set on March 27. "Oops!….how did 20 years go by so fast?!??! I can’t believe it. I remember that red suit was so freaking hot …. but the dance was fun and it made the shoot fly by !!!!!" she captioned the post. "And now we’re sitting in quarantine wishing we were on Mars ….. of course I am just kidding !!!!! But seriously you have all shown so much support for this song and I thank you for it …. sending love to you all."

Giving the Gift of Comedy

Brit-Brit kept fans laughing while under lockdown on March 26 by sharing a hilarious video of an unseen person -- possibly longtime love Sam Asghari sneaking up on her as she looks out at a stunning mountaintop view. "What we need more now than ever is laughter … so happy to share !!!!!!" she wrote. "[K]eep smiling folks !!!!!!!!! Before Coronavirus shut down the world a week ago I was casually enjoying a beautiful view ...... but then ……"