Laura Marano Performs New Single 'When You Wake Up' With Her Boyfriend During Billboard Live At-Home

Laura Marano brought out a special guest for her Billboard Live At-Home performance Friday (April 10), all while raising money for the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Her boyfriend Thomas Macken accompanied her with his guitar for the first performance of her latest single "When You Wake Up," which was released on digital and streaming services today.

The two stripped down the electro-pop production with an instrumental rendition, as Marano treaded lightly across her keyboard to have a better feel for the new arrangement before restarting the performance.

Viewers fawned over the couple's lighthearted fumble in the comments, as their sweet gestures told a different story than the song about a girl who's frustrated with a guy who can't treat her right. Even though "When You Wake Up" just came out, Marano paused for a minute to say that the three-year-old song took on a new meaning for her.

Similarly, the lyric "I know I’m dressing so casual/ In my bed laying diagonal" from her first song "Let Me Cry" relates more to her and her fans' current monotonous quarantine routines than the breakup it dolefully describes.

Watch Marano's whole Billboard Live At-Home performance below, and donate to the National Coalition for the Homeless here.