Alec Benjamin Debuts Coronvairus Song '6 Ft. Apart' During Billboard Live-at-Home Concert

Alec Benjamin unveiled a very timely new song titled "6 Ft. Apart" on Thursday morning (April 2), and an hour later, he sang it for the first time during his Billboard Live-At-Home concert.

The singer-songwriter began his short-but-sweet Facebook Live session with the new tune, which he just penned Wednesday while quarantined at home. "It's actually very pertinent, because the song is about the current state of affairs in the world," Benjamin said. "It's about COVID-19 and this whole social distancing thing. I'm not saying anything, I'm just like, this is how I feel."

Because the song was so new, Benjamin struggled with the lyrics at first -- though it could've been the fact that he'd pulled an all-nighter to finish the track. "I haven't really done [that] since college," he said, "and I haven't been in college since I was a freshman, so it's been some time."

But he pushed through and delivered the poignant lyrics, depicting how many may be feeling at the moment: "I miss you most at 6 feet apart/ When you're right outside my window but you can't ride inside my car."

Benjamin also played snippets of his songs "The Book of You & I" and "Steve" during his Live-At-Home, which raised money for Meals on Wheels America (you can donate here). Watch his full performance above, and check out the full version of "6 Ft. Apart" below.