How Well Do You Remember 2000? Take Our 40-Question Music Quiz

Getty Images/Design by Tracy Allison

Following our Billboard staff-picked list of the 100 greatest songs of 2000, we're writing this week about some of the stories and trends that defined the year for us. Here, we give you the chance to test your turn-of-the-century might with our definitive 2000 quiz, gauging your musical knowledge of all things '00. 

If you've been tuning into Billboard this week, you know we've been spending a lot of time flashing back to the first year of the 21st century -- a year that pushed things forward in pop music, in ways that still reverberate 20 years later.

But how detailed are your rose-tinted memories from that year? Well, here's your chance to find out: We've got a 40-question quiz -- divided into general knowledge, lyrics, music videos and of course, the Billboard charts -- to test your knowledge of popular music at the dawn of the 21st century. (We're not taking it easy on you with some of these questions, so don't worry about a few "Oops!"es here and there.)

Best of luck, and we hope you've enjoyed this week-long journey back to a simpler time -- even though they're basically all simpler times at the moment.