Why Yes, We Do Want a Song About Nicolas Cage Written by Kesha

Dana Trippe


'B---h, I’m a National Treasure.'

Even after releasing her fifth studio album High Road, Kesha is still here to deliver new music for her fans. But the subject of her newest ditty is one fans may not have expected — actor Nicolas Cage.

On Wednesday (March 25), Kesha posted a video clip to her social media that featured a one minute track dedicated to the Oscar-winning actor, where she repurposes the titles of some of his films for her single.

"I’m on vacation, Leaving Las Vegas/ Request my presence here’s the number call my agent,” she sings. “B---h, I’m a National Treasure, I make it rain in the desert/ I got an octopus, I got a pyramid/ You think I'm extra? I'm on some Nicolas Cage s--t."

The video (which Kesha simply captioned "mood") sees the star donning plenty of glitter on her face, as she cuts back and forth some of her favorite clips from Cage's filmography.

She even samples Cage's voice, as she interpolates the actor proclaiming "Good call, baby doll" from his appearance as Big Daddy in the 2010 film Kick Ass.

Check out Kesha's hilarious new song clip below: