Madison Beer Debuts 'Stained Glass' Single During Billboard Live At-Home Concert

Madison Beer
Hudson Taylor

Madison Beer

Madison Beer hosted her Billboard Live At-Home concert on Monday afternoon (March 23) to raise money for Direct Relief that equips doctors and nurses with medical resources.

Based in New York City, the latest epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic with 5% of the world's confirmed cases, Beer resonated with fans feeling like they're going to crack for remaining quarantined. But that fractured feeling hits closer to the 21-year-old artist who's gearing up for the release of "Stained Glass," her new, unreleased single which she hopes to drop later this week.

She debuted the entire song before signing off on her live stream show, as she crooned the crushing chorus, "My skin is made of glass/ But apparently it's stained/ 'Cause you notice all the cracks/ But can't look inside my pain/ And if you throw another stone, man/ I'd stay far away, far away/ I just might break."

Beer's performance, much like her social media during this time, reflects the pop star's vulnerability she openly shares with fans. Regarding coronavirus, she tweeted how "this can be a very scary, lonely, triggering, and difficult time for many," and she's been expressing those same sentiments in her post-breakup singles.

Following a live rendition of her latest released song "Selfish," Beer described how the songwriting process helped her process a very difficult breakup. As she categorized her earlier material's themes as forgetting an ex, moving on and being "a baddie," she lets "Selfish" stop forging a better path for her as she treads in despair. "I'm still a human being who's sad and goes through things," Beer said. But the "Selfish" singer acted rather selflessly this afternoon by reminding her devoted fans that she's here for them and so is her new music.

Stay tuned for the upcoming single and video for "Stained Glass." Unfortunately, Beer's full live stream isn't re-watchable, but you can check out snippets of her performance below.