Yungblud Urges Fans to 'Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize' During Concert Live Stream With MGK & Bella Thorne

Courtesy Photo

Yungblud in The Yungblud Show Live.

The UK singer broadcast an hourlong show on Monday to entertain house-bound fans.

Yungblud did the only thing he could on Monday (March 16) in the midst of the global shutdown over the COVID-19 pandemic: He raged online. The singer streamed the raucous, hourlong "Yungblud Show" variety program from Los Angeles, which invited fans from all over the world to join him and some special guests for a late night-like broadcast.

"So we're just trying to turn a bad situation into a good one," he yelled into a mic, his purple, blue and black hair flopping over thick horn-rim glasses at the kick-off of the the afternoon gig watched by tens of thousands of fans. The show opened with the bouncing "Parents," with 'Blud working an empty warehouse-looking space with his band as he encouraged fans to "shake it in your bedrooms" to the song featuring the lyric "it's alright we'll survive."

After blasting into "Anarchist" and the Corona-lyric-augmented grinder "Loner," and reminding fans to flood his comments with black hearts, the singer moved over to a cooking segment with Oliver Tree. The oddball "Cash Machine" singer gave his UK pal a taste of California cooking via his "Super Special" Slim Jim and Corn Nuts smoothie and signature Cheetos pancakes. Spoiler alert: it was gross.

The raging "I Love You, Will You Marry Me" segued into an acoustic emo-ment with "Casual Sabotage," and then a drop-in from Machine Gun Kelly and Bella Thorne. MGK was late, so Yung and Thorne were left to engage in a Corona beer drinking game all on their own, answering speed-round questions about... very random things.

Kels eventually made the scene and proved much more adept at the game than Thorne, but the game fell apart as the host just decided to drink the beers himself and, to be honest, none of them really followed advice about social distancing. "It's a time to be OK right now and if you're not OK right now and if you're OK, we love you, we're sending all the love," Yungblud yelled before rushing off to perform a tipsy "I Think I'm Okay" with pal MGK at the gig that was intended to make up for the postponement of Yung's shows in 10 countries due to precautions over the spread of the coronavirus.

The show -- one of a number of special, online-only streaming events that artists have performed or planned to tide fans over -- ended with "Original Me," a short Q&A with the online audience, as well as a mosh pit-less "Brain Dead," "Hope for the Underrated Youth" and the snarling "Machine Gun (F--- the NRA)." Smashing the cymbals to the ground, a sweat-drenched Yungblud reminded fans to "sanitize, sanitize, sanitize" as MGK sprayed Lysol in the air to end the show.

Watch the full Yungblud live stream below.

For information on how to stay safe and receive updates on the spread of the disease in the U.S., visit the CDC website.