Lady Gaga Is Taking Her Monsters to Outer Space: Watch the Intergalactic 'Stupid Love' Teaser

Lady Gaga
Courtesy Photo

Lady Gaga in the teaser for "Stupid Love"

Lady Gaga's monsters are finally getting the single they've been long waiting for, when "Stupid Love" arrives on Friday (Feb. 28). And judging by a new teaser, the video is going to be as epic as the song.

Hours after Gaga announced the "Stupid Love" release date with a photo of a very intergalactic portrait, the singer unveiled a short teaser on Thursday (Feb. 27) that transports fans to alien Gaga's world. The pink-haired Gaga appears to be the leader of a galaxy, all of whom look a bit defeated as an orchestral score plays before Gaga leads the group in signing "All I ever wanted was love..."

The minute-long teaser concludes with Gaga nearly breaking down in tears, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Though real-life Gaga seems happily in love with her new beau, investor Michael Polansky, will alien Gaga find her soulmate? Guess we'll find out at midnight.

"Stupid Love" is Gaga's first new solo single (not including Star Is Born music) since 2017's "The Cure."

Watch the otherworldly teaser for the "Stupid Love" video below.