To Be Honest, Finneas Can't Believe He Wrote and Produced a James Bond Song Either

Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

 Finneas O'Connell poses with his awards in the press room during the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on Jan. 26, 2020 in Los Angeles. 

Sure, he has a shelf full of Grammys at home and he helped his little sister get her own golden haul for her debut album. But the thing that really blows singer/songwriter/producer Finneas' mind is that he had a hand in writing and produced a freakin' James Bond song.

Perhaps it's best to let him say it in his own words. "I got to write and produce a f---ing bond theme song!!!" he tweeted on Thursday, shortly after the song he worked on with sister Billie Eilish, "No Time to Die," finally dropped. 

Eilish, 18, the youngest singer to take on the iconic 007 franchise, co-wrote the title track for the 25th installment in the beloved spy series and it features her characteristically soft, intimate vocals, over a haunting piano and orchestral melody. "Was I stupid to love you?/ Was I reckless to help?/ Was it obvious to everybody else?/ That I've fallen for a lie/ You were never on my side," she sings.

In a new interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Eilish revealed that the dynamic duo had been dreaming for years of writing a Bond title song and had actually tried their hand at a few that they'd set aside. "It was honestly a great process," Eilish said of the way the song came together. After seeing the first scene of the script, the brother and sister act hunkered down for three days to write the song in Texas and then recorded it in a bunk on their tour bus. 

The best part was that the Bond team was definitely interested in hearing Eilish's feedback. "We worked with Hans [Zimmer] and the entire orchestra," she said of the Oscar-winning composer who helped give the moody tune a lush arrangement. "They recorded all of the orchestra when we went there... It went through a lot of different versions and then we got it. We all worked really hard, Hans was incredibly easy to work with and he’s so funny and it was a really good, collaborative experience.”

The song, which also features guitar from Smiths legend Johnny Marr, will be heard in the upcoming 25th Bond film of the same name, which opens on April 10.

Listen to "No Time To Die" below.