Every Justin Bieber Song We've Heard in 'Seasons' So Far, Including What's *Not* on 'Changes'

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber attend the Premiere of YouTube Original's "Justin Bieber: Seasons" at Regency Bruin Theatre on Jan. 27, 2020 in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber's Seasons has given fans a unique glimpse into the singer's life and journey back to the spotlight. Perhaps even more excitingly, the YouTube docuseries has also given Beliebers a taste of what's to come on Changes.

Since releasing "Yummy" on Jan. 3, Bieber has delivered two more tracks from his highly anticipated album: the sultry Kehlani collab "Get Me" and the bouncing love song "Intentions" with Quavo. But thanks to Seasons, we've heard five more tracks from Changes before its arrival on Friday (Feb. 14), as well as three songs that aren't even on the album's official track list. (Editor's note: There's also a few other snippets for which titles aren't determinable.)

Take a look at the new Bieber tunes we've heard clips of so far.

"Habitual": Track 2 on Changes, appears in episode 3

It's a bit surprising that Bieber hasn't released "Habitual" in full ahead of the Changes release, because he very happily declared it "one of my favorite songs" in the episode titled "Making Magic." The song -- which was produced by Latin superproducer Tainy and co-written by Bieber's longtime collaborator Poo Bear -- features a wavy, pulsing beat that complements his soft and smooth vocals. "Habitual" is about how easy it is to love someone ("my love for you's habitual," Bieber sings on the chorus), which makes for a cute moment when the song pops up again in episode 6 as Justin is on a couple's getaway in Utah with Hailey.

"Come Around Me": Track 3 on Changes, appears at the end of episode 1

Though the first episode of Seasons mostly tells the story of Justin's comeback after canceling the remainder of his Purpose Tour in 2017, he sneaks the never-before-heard "Come Around Me" in at the very end. The track has a snappy hip-hop beat with a swirling background effect, topped off by some sensual lyrics: “When you come around me, treat me like you miss me even though you been with me/ When you come around me, do me like you miss me even though you been with me."

"Running Over" (feat. Lil Dicky): Track 8 on Changes, appears in episode 7 (only available to YouTube Premium members)

This track is first mentioned in episode 2, but we don't get an actual teaser of "Running Over" until episode 7. We hear about 15 seconds of it at the very beginning of the episode titled "Planning the Wedding a Year Later," and the song is, naturally, about Hailey. "Keep running over me with your lovin'," Justin sings. While we don't get any of Lil Dicky's part in either episode, hearing the undulating melody and plinking beat already make it clear it's a jam.

"ETA": Track 12 on Changes, appears in episode 7

As episode 7 closes on a "to be continued" after Justin and Hailey share their first kiss as husband and wife, the soulful "ETA" begins to play. The song includes a spicy electric guitar that adds to the sexy narrative, which is exactly what you'd expect from a song called "ETA": Justin is waiting on his girl to get home, looking out the window eagerly watching for her arrival.

"Changes": Track 13 on Changes, appears in episode 5

Before we even hear part of the album's title track, Justin breaks it down in the episode called "The Dark Season" (which dives into his drug addiction and struggle with depression and anxiety). “In the song 'Changes,' it talks about how some days we want to push further, and some days we feel like doing nothing, and that often comes with our mood and our attitude towards life," he explains, resting his head in his hands. "Sometimes when life throws you things you can’t control, naturally your attitude is to be upset or to be disappointed or discouraged. When you fight through those feelings that are just feelings at the end of the day, and we choose to put your effort into your work or into your passion, you find that drive." 

Then we hear a couple of verses of the song -- an acoustic, slow burning tune -- that mirror that sentiment: "Sometimes I'll go to sleep early, sometimes I can't close my eyes/ Sometimes I smile like it's all good even though there's pain underneath it."

"That's What Love Is": Track 15 on Changes, appears in episode 8

Episode 8, titled “Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber,” is focused on Justin and Hailey’s wedding, including the reception, where Justin performed “That’s What Love Is” for the first time. We don’t get to hear Justin sing it live, but do get a snippet of the acoustic ballad, which Justin says is about how "not everything [in a relationship] needs to be physical -- I love her without needing to touch her."

"La Bomba": Appears in episode 3

The first half of episode 3 teases a punchy Latin-flavored song titled "La Bomba," in which Justin revisits his "Despacito" days and sings in Spanish. It didn't make the final track list, but Justin seems super pumped about "La Bomba" while listening (and dancing) to it in the studio -- so maybe we'll be hearing the full version after Changes is out.

"Keep On Forgiving Me": Appears in episode 4

Episode 4 is dedicated to Justin's relationship with Hailey and features footage of Justin in the studio recording a song titled "Keep On Forgiving Me," which is inspired by Hailey's patience. "Every time I do something stupid, she forgives me," Justin explains. Upon listening closely to the music in the background, fans will notice that the passionate ballad is also previewed in episode 2 (starting at 5:40) before we knew the name. It's another track that's not officially on Changes, but here's hoping we get the full thing soon because those notes are swoon-worthy.

"Angels Speak": Appears in episode 6 (only available to YouTube Premium members)

The end of episode 6 sees Justin deliberating the album track list, when he mentions a song called "Angels Speak" that Poo Bear says is "another special one." Shortly after, a piano-driven ballad begins to play with Justin singing, "Your voice is music to my ears, I'm wide awake/ Stuck on the way your frequencies resonate/ You say that no matter what you're watching over me."

It's the same song he’s singing to Hailey in a gorge at the beginning of the episode, when you hear Justin actually say the words "angels speak" before he confirms that's a song title later. It's unclear why the song didn't make Changes after all, but if it was once in contention, we wouldn't be surprised if we hear "Angels Speak" at some point.