Dinah Jane Says She Will 'Most Definitely' Release New Music in 2020: Watch

Dinah Jane caught up with Billboard on the red carpet at the 2020 Billboard Power Event on Thursday (Jan. 23), where she discussed her upcoming solo tour and teased new music.

Speaking of her upcoming solo world tour, Jane tells Billboard that she is “so stoked” for the trek, and that she is particularly excited about playing in her hometown of Santa Ana, California.

“It just means a lot when I get to give back to my community and to my hometown,” she says. “It's my first time performing there as a legit artist now, so it's gonna be so exciting.”

Asked what her favorite part of touring is, Jane replies that she loves getting to connect with her fans. “They've been waiting for music and they've been riding on this journey with me for so long…maybe since I dropped my first ever YouTube video when I was like 11 years old,” she explains.

“So now that I'm 22, it's just amazing to see the growth and just see how people have stuck with me. It's just such a privilege when I get to make music for people, for my fans, and hearing them sing back to me.”

In the interview, Jane also teases new music, promising that there will “most definitely” be a full length project released in 2020.

“I'm tired of holding secrets and I'm sure [my fans] are, too,” she shares. “But I have a lot of things under my sleeve, ready to give to them, so definitely expect a lot of music. A lot of great things to come.”

You can check out the full video interview above.