Did Lady Gaga Just Address a Reported Song Leak With This New Tweet?

Lady Gaga
Peter Lindberg

Lady Gaga

Yas Gaga! On Wednesday (Jan. 22) Lady Gaga took to social media to jokingly address the reported leak of a new song.

"Can ya'll stop," Mother Monster tweeted alongside a stock photo of a little girl listening to an old-fashioned portable music device while wearing a black ski mask and orange checkered dress, which is commonly used as a meme about listening to illegally-downloaded music.

The pop star's tweet comes just one day after an alleged song, reportedly titled "Stupid Love," was leaked to the world ahead of its release. However, Gaga's request did nothing to quell her Little Monsters' fervor over the situation. "Did you freak out freak out freak out freak out when you looked at us?" one fan replied (referencing purported lyrics from the disco-inspired jam's alleged chorus) while another demanded Gaga to "drop that bop ma'am."

If and when the day comes that "Stupid Love" gets an official release, it would be Gaga's first new track since the music of 2018's A Star Is Born, which earned the superstar her first Oscar for best original song at last year's Academy Awards ceremony.

Check out Gaga's amusing tweet as well as a few fan reactions below.