Watch the Jonas Brothers Hilariously Reenact Classic 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Fight

Jonas Brothers
Peggy Sirota

Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers used their newly-christened TikTok account to recreate an infamous scene from the early days of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, to hilarious results, on Monday (Jan. 13).

"Don't be rude!" the JoBros captioned the video, which sees Joe Jonas expertly take on the role of Kim Kardashian wearing a patterned jacket primly placed over his shoulders as he fights with Nick Jonas (as Khloé Kardashian) in a bedazzled leather jacket. "Don't be fucking rude!" Joe lip syncs as he storms in the room, swinging his bag wildly at Nick-as-Khole, who responds with an incredulous "Are you kidding me?"

As Joe continues his tirade and attempts to weakly punch his younger brother, threatening "I'll fucking hurt you," Kevin Jonas suddenly pops in as Kourtney Kardashian to deliver some side eye and a priceless "Oh my God!" before ducking out of the shot. (Longtime Kardashian fans will recognize the classic altercation from the 2008 episode "Kardashian Civil War," in which the sisters brawl over Kim getting her first Bentley.)

The spot-on KUWTK re-enactment wasn't the only gift the JoBros gave fans on Monday; the band also announced the Friday (Jan. 17) release date of their new single and video "What A Man Gotta Do."

Check out the side-splitting video below.