Meghan Trainor Blames Her 'Evil Twin' for the Bad Decisions in Sparkly New Single

Meghan Trainor
Dennis Leupold

Meghan Trainor

Don't blame Meghan Trainor, blame her "Evil Twin."

The songstress reflects on some questionable decisions during a blurry night out in her characteristically catchy new single, in which she describes her tipsy alter ego as a "crazy b----."

"It wasn't me, she started it/ I said just one, then she got lit/ She takes control, she's in my head/ Making me make my bad decisions, but I'm innocent," Trainor croons over a thumping beat.

"Evil Twin," along with previously released singles "Wave," "Workin' On It" and "No Excuses," will be featured on the singer's upcoming third EP, Treat Myself, which drops Jan. 31.

Listen to "Evil Twin" below.