Watch Echosmith's Artists Den Performance at New York's North Cove Marina

In partnership with Artists Den, Billboard is bringing music fans behind the scenes of some of the most exciting shows of the series, which presents intimate concerts in untraditional settings. The latest installment features some live performance clips and backstage interviews with Echosmith, filmed at the North Cove Marina at Brookfield Place in New York City.

During the concert, which took place in October, the trio performed tracks from their debut album Talking Dreams such as “Cool Kids” and “Bright,” as well as songs off of their forthcoming album, including title track “Lonely Generation” (which you can watch below).

Echosmith Performs 'Lonely Generation' at North Cove Marina | Artists Den

You can also watch a clip of the band’s conversation with Billboard’s own Tatiana Cirisano, who chatted with them about their most meaningful fan interactions and how it feels to meet people who appreciate and listen to their music.

“It was always exciting as every single day felt like a new adventure," Noah Sierota said. "Every single day there was some new surprise. That's a pretty rare experience. Not many people get to have that in the music industry.”

“Every time we play a show and we meet someone, we get to hear how ‘Cool Kids’ change their lives, or how ‘Bright’ was the song that they walked down the aisle to,” added Sydney Sierota. “And especially when it gets to help people through things, that's obviously so amazing, as well.”

Echosmith Conversation at the North Cove Marina | Artists Den

In another Artists Den video clip, which you can watch below, Sydney Sierota opened up about performing live, noting that when her band records new music, they always think about the live show to ensure that their songs not only feel good in the studio, but also with people. Plus, Sarah Fay, vp Marketing for Brookfield Property Partners, discussed the history of the Brookfield Place venue and why they see it as a future “cultural destination.”

Inside the Den With Echosmith at the North Cove Marina at Brookfield Place | Artists Den