Is Meghan Trainor the Biggest 'Lizzie McGuire' Fan Ever? Hilary Duff Puts Her to the Test for 'Quizzed': Watch

This is what Meghan Trainor’s dreams are made of: getting quizzed on Lizzie McGuire Movie trivia by Lizzie McGuire herself, Hilary Duff.

In the latest episode of Billboard's Quizzed, which sees musical artists paired with the stars of their favorite films and television shows to get quizzed on trivia and prove their level of fandom, Meghan Trainor meets Hilary Duff as they chat about all things Lizzie, Paolo and Isabella and get a visit from a very extra-special guest bringing a very extra-special treat.

Before the game kicks off, Trainor divulges that she watches the movie’s big performance scene on YouTube a lot. Duff then recalls recently watching the 2003 movie again for the first since its premiere.

“I actually watched it over the weekend with my son because I hadn’t seen it since the premiere,” she says. “There was a very big portion of my life that I was like, 'I’m good for a minute.' … [My son] was in and out, but my future husband … he loved it the most. I was like, ‘You’re such a nerd!’”

Split into three rounds, the first one sees Trainor answering true or false questions, such as whether the song Lizzie sings at the beginning of the movie while her brother records her is “Come Clean" and if it was Mrs. Ungermeyer who destroyed Matt’s blackmail tape of Lizzie at the end of the film.

During this round, Trainor confesses to Duff that while they have met before, she never let on to Duff just how “aggressively obsessed” she is with her. Noting that they once met at a party, Trainor says she tried to keep it really cool at the time, but was actually dying inside.

“You invited me to go to watch The Bachelor with you, and I never did 'cause I was too nervous,” she admits. Duff replies, “But you know what the good news is? The Bachelor’s never gonna go away. I’m sending you that invite!”

When it comes to general trivia, Trainor flies through the questions, which include who Lizzie has to room with in the hotel, what vehicle Paolo picks Lizzie up in, what Ethan Craft’s favorite food is, and where Gordo and Lizzie kiss.

Speaking of their onscreen kiss, Duff recalls that when she watched the movie with her 7-year-old son, she was taken aback by his reaction to the moment, as after Gordo replies "thank you" to Lizzie's kiss, Duff's son said out loud, “You can’t do that!”

“I was like, ‘What do you know about what you can and can’t do?’” Duff asked her son. 

Trainor does just as well in round three, matching quotes to who said them. When asked who said the line, “Like two pods in a pea” (it was Paolo), Trainor reveals that after hearing that line, her husband began saying it all the time.

Ultimately, Trainor earns herself a handful of prizes, including a Lizzie McGuire bag and a pop star microphone headset. But the best surprise of all? Clayton Snyder, who played Ethan Craft, walks onto set carrying a plate of spaghetti.

Letting out a huge scream, a very starstruck Trainor tells him, “Wow, you’re so handsome still. You guys aged so well! ... I’m sweating so bad! You look like Hercules!”

You can check out the full video above.

Duff is set to reprise her iconic role for the new Disney+ series Lizzie McGuire, which is now in production and picks up as Lizzie is just about to turn 30, living in New York City, and navigating the ups and downs of adulthood. Meghan Trainor's new album Treat Myself is set for release on January 31.

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