Kesha's Not Here For Your Entertainment on Bold 'My Own Dance' Single: Listen

Kesha "My Own Dance"
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Kesha "My Own Dance"

The trippy video takes place in the weirdest motel ever.

It's a good Kesha video when the singer ends up taking a bath in a baby pool filled with cereal. It's an even better one when the chorus features the phrase "Hey, I don't do that dance/ Don't circumcise my circumstance." Luckily for all you Animals, the wild and wooly clip for the singer's latest peek at her upcoming (Jan. 10) High Road album, "My Own Dance," features all of that, plus a box of magic cereal, those creepy twins from The Shining doing their own dance, a room full of shirtless, oiled-up beefcakes in balaclavas, a party with furries featuring bikini women in gas masks and a middle aged man in a banana hammock shaking it in front of an America flag.

So, in other words, the perfect Kesha video. The singer dropped the new song and video on Thursday (Nov. 21) and it finds her speaking her mind and making it clear that she's not going to dance for you because she's here to dance for herself. "Hey, I don't do that dance/ Hey, I don't do that/ Hey, I don't do that dance/ I only do my own dance," she sings on the percussion-heavy track she wrote with John Hill, Justin Tranter and Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons.

A bold statement about not being the thing people expect, or demand, you to be, Kesha makes it crystal clear with the lines, "I don't owe 'em nothing, maybe I owe everything/ Grateful for the lovers and even the haters/ I feel like I'm nothing; somedays, I am everything/ Caught up in my feelings; b---h, shut up and sing." "My Own Dance" follows on the heels of the album's first single, the pop bomb "Raising Hell" featuring Big Freedia. The dynamic duo will perform the track at Sunday night's (Nov. 24) American Music Awards.

Watch the Allie Avital-directed video below.