Glass Animals Return, Recruit Denzel Curry For the Triumphant 'Tokyo Drifting': Listen

Glass Animals
Elliot Arndt 

Glass Animals

Glass Animals are back, and in case you were wondering: they’ve “still got it.”

“Tokyo Drifting” featuring Denzel Curry, the band's first new music since 2016, was released today (Nov. 13).

Dubbed a "Fresh Fruit" release, which refers to Glass Animals’ experimental collaboration series (they previously dropped “Lose Control” with Joey Bada$$ in 2015), “Tokyo Drifting” was first teased on social media and through an interactive game on the band’s website.

The track begins with an unassuming chorus of harmonizing voices, but quickly takes a turn into a catchy, trap-inspired beat, as Glass Animals are adept at.

“Wavey Davey’s on fire, oh you still got it/ You still got it all right yeah,” frontman Dave Bayley growls in self-affirmation -- sort of. “It’s an ironic internal flex -- me as a narrator describing/taking the piss out of an extreme alter ego version of myself; a version of me that can do things that I’m uncomfortable doing,” Bayley explained in a release. “Wavey Davey is my f--ked-up Sasha Fierce; he’s a geezer, a street fighter, he can dance, he parties hard, he’s spontaneous. He can take hits and be told he is s--t and not care because he’s confident. He can fight everything the world throws at him.” 

Be sure to stay for the horns and Curry’s rapid-fire verse, which is when things truly go berserk ("I’m back on my bulls--t like Jordan on Pippen/if this is my life then I'm Toyko drifting!").

The track marks a welcome return for the group, which has also announced their signing to Republic Records.

Drummer Joe Seaward was involved in a life-threatening car accident in 2018, resulting in a canceled tour with Beck. Seaward has since made a full recovery, and the band is expected to follow up 2016's How To Be A Human Being with more new music in 2020.

Listen to "Tokyo Drifting" below.