Rising Aussie Act Erthlings Debut Dreamy 'Returning' Video: Exclusive

Ellen Virgona


Australian indie pop outfit Erthlings has unveiled the music video for their new single "Returning," premiering exclusively with Billboard on Thursday (Nov. 6).

In the clip, the band -- made up of 17-year-old best friends Issy, Jessame, Taylor and Lissa -- take a joyride through a desolate landscape while reflecting on the push and pull of a lost love who just won't let go.

"Say you're moving on/ But I think that you're wrong/ When you're always returning/ And every time you leave/ It's one big mystery/ Why you're always returning to me," sings vocalist Issy over her a hypnotic groove, helped by glossy, '60s-inspired guitars.

"The video is purposefully ambiguous," the band tells Billboard. "It's a pick-your-own adventure, y'all can make whatever you want of it." Erthlings drove for about an hour to "the middle of nowhere" to film the visual, pointg out that the setting looked more than a little like Area 51.

"The day consisted of running along a gravel road and chucking cameras on cars. We also tried to channel our 'Tempo'-by-Lizzo-energy in some of the shots," they add. "All in all, great crew, super fun and bangin' vibes."

"The video's concept plays off the lyrics and title of the song," director Maya Luana explains of the inspiration behind the visual. "The night scene represents significant moments or memories...as the film progresses, the girls become a memory for someone else, and so the circle continues. I wanted to explore the idea that we are all the main characters in our own lives [and] memories, but that we play other characters in everyone else's."

The track is featured on the indie pop act's debut EP, Indigo, which is out now on Australian indie label Future Classic.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the video for "Returning" below.