Bea Miller Makes a Bold, R-Rated Statement About Sexist Double Standards in 'That B---h': Listen

Bea Miller
Charlotte Rutherford

Bea Miller

Bea Miller dropped her latest track "That Bitch" on Friday (Nov. 1) morning and she's got a lot on her mind. The catchy tune details the pop singer's personal experience with sexist double standards, like a man asking her out on a date after telling her that only men can cheat and being told to hide her shoulders in public. 

With lyrics such as, "Since you are a dude you can tell the truth/ But soon as I do I’m a b---h" played over "yuck" sound effects, Miller makes a statement about some of the sexism and double standards in the music industry. 

"When women assert themselves with strong confidence and intelligence they are often ridiculed by men who claim they’re being a b---h, but when men present themselves in the same way they’re praised and promoted," she tweeted with the release of the song. "I’m not saying this is all men, but in my experience as a woman, i’m not taken as seriously in a leadership role regardless of how good i am at what i’m doing. Women are capable of accomplishing just as much as men are but aren’t always given the same attention and opportunity." 

"That B---h" is Miller's fifth release this year, following her collaboration "Never Gonna Like You" with Snakehips.

Check out her tweets and stream the empowering track below.