P!nk Hilariously Reveals That She Never Realized Her 'Truth About Love' Album Went No. 1

In this week’s episode of ‘My Billboard Moment,’ P!nk reflects upon when her latest album Hurts 2B Human went No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and how she thought that is was her second chart-topping album, when really, it was her third.

P!nk tells Billboard that she was really excited when she found out that her 2019 release Hurts 2B Human was a No. 1 record.

“I was like, that's two in a row, I just got two albums in a row, No. 1. That's huge for me,” she recalls telling people at the time. However, they then informed her that it was actually her third No. 1 album, not her second.

She still insisted it was her second, noting that a chart-topping album isn’t something someone would forget. When told that 2012’s The Truth About Love was No. 1, she replied, “That album went No. 1? Again, no one tells me anything.”

“I had no idea, so it was my third,” she continues. “I had no idea. I had to throw an extra party 'cause I missed the first one!”

You can watch the full video above, and watch P!nk take a look back at some memorable moments in her career below.

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