Selena Gomez & Her 'Girl Gang' Take Fans Behind the Scenes of 'Look At Her Now'

Selena Gomez "Look At Her Now"
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Selena Gomez "Look At Her Now"

Wonder how Selena Gomez dazzled throughout her “Look at Her Now” music video? Well, you can look at her now in a behind-the-scenes video from Instagram released Wednesday (Oct. 30).

The surprise video drop last Thursday had meticulous planning behind it, and her backup dancers were thrilled to be a part of the club-ready anthem.

“She even talked to us about how special this moment was for her and what it meant, and I just think it’s really cool that she shared that part of herself,” one dancer said about Gomez’s constant and genuine interaction with her crew. “Most artists just do their own thing and go through it by themselves, but she would be in the space with us. ... It feels like a girl gang that was meant to be.”

Gomez dedicated the track to her “ride-or-dies” and opened up about her catharsis during a SiriusXM Hits 1 radio interview last week, after the song and video were released right after the more somber “Lose You to Love Me” ballad.

"Basically the whole song is ... telling a story," she said about “Look at Her Now” during the interview. "And it's just always about kind of redeeming yourself and making sure that you acknowledge that you kind of mess up and you go through your stuff but you can always come out of it just feeling like a boss.”

Director Sophie Mueller, who’s also responsible for the black-and-white clip for “Lose You to Love Me,” captured the pop star’s boss moment all on the new iPhone 11 Pro.

Catch a glimpse of what went into “Look at Her Now” below.


Look At Her Now… Behind The Scenes on IGTV!

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