Camila Cabello Meets Lizzo and Asks for Twerking Help

Lizzo and Camila Cabello met backstage at the We Can Survive concert Saturday night (Oct. 19), and it all went down on camera.

Both artists were on a star-studded lineup in support of the American Cancer Society at the Hollywood Bowl when they happily ran into each other.

"You were playing 'Tempo' in soundcheck, and I made an Insta-story of me twerking to it," Cabello told Lizzo right away, admitting, "I'm not great at it. You've got to teach me. Please."

Lizzo, however, had a little more confidence in her: "I believe that you got somethin' ... that 'Señorita.' You got that 'Señorita.' I like the way you call me 'Señorita' ... those hips don't lie."  

"I have the material, but I don't know how to move it," Cabello said.

The pair proceeded in "moving the muscle" in a mini twerking practice session while sitting on a couch together.

See how their meetup went -- and hear Lizzo chat about Taylor Swift and Rihanna -- in the clips below.