Kesha Shares Fiery Teaser of New Album 'High Road': Watch

David Needleman 


Kesha has officially lit the flame -- literally -- on her next musical chapter with a glimmer of a new album.

On Sunday (Oct. 20), the pop star posted brief videos to social media of a Kesha-shaped candle burning down that features a mood-elevating dance beat for what appears to be a track off her forthcoming album, High Road. The day before (Oct. 19), she dropped the trailer for High Road, which has her donning some '70s looks and running through a number of vintage soap opera-worthy scenes -- including a tense fight and a high-speed chase -- before she offers some insight into her new work. One bit of wisdom she shares? "Life is a vacation from where we go when we die."

She also anchors High Road in a current, post-Rainbow context. "When I wrote Rainbow, I was in a very different headspace," she says. "I had to address some very serious things. But now, on my new record, I revisit my roots of pure and utter debaucherous joy. Kesha got her balls back, and they're bigger than ever."

The clips follow her creative approach to introducing new tunes: last week week, she had Animals call up a 1-855 number to hear a sneak preview of her fresh material.  

?Her dial-up message had some holy-rolling vibes to it (she encouraged her fans to get "blessed" by calling her up), but Kesha opted for an equally mysterious and simple approach to this Sunday morning treat. It's not a ton to go on, but here's hoping we follow her down the High Road soon.

Check out the High Road trailer below.

Correction: The headline and copy were updated to reflect the full album title following the release of additional material.