Skott Has the 'Midas' Touch On Vibrant New Single: Premiere

Peter St. James


Rising Swedish pop star Skott unveiled her latest single “Midas” on Friday (Oct. 18), and chatted with Billboard about how the romantic song came together.

On the new track, the singer (born Pauline Skott) likens an arrogant lover to the ancient king in Greek mythology whose touch could turn anything to gold. “Midas/ You’re used to hearing that you’re something/ Above the ordinary, golden/ You wanna be the one and only/ Doesn’t it get lonely?” she questions over a looping vocal sample and atmospheric production. 

"This is the most stripped down and naked song I've released so far,” she tells Billboard. “I'd call it my very first proper ballad, where the melodies climb towards a climax in the romantic chorus. It's that kind of song that plays on the whole spectrum and range of the voice, and even though it's a minimal production, it's like your brain fills in an orchestra playing.

“I actually think it's my first ever song made up of only four chords,” Skott continues. “And they just keep repeating into infinity, the loop becomes almost hypnotic. I usually focus a lot on chord progressions and production, but ‘Midas’ is all about the melody and the lyrics. I'm also a very romantic person, and with this kind of song I get to embrace that one hundred percent."

The bare ballad follows single “Bloodhound,” released earlier this year, as the second follow-up to the Nordic upstart’s 2018 debut EP, Stay Off My Mind. 

Stream “Midas” below.