Call This Number Now if You Want a Preview of Kesha's New Music

If you were up late last night and couldn't sleep because the wait for new Kesha music is giving you mad insomnia, you're in luck. Mother Animal gave her babies something to tide them over in the form of a ripped-from-the-1980s fake informercial with a 1-800 number that served up the goods. 

"Time’s runnin’ out to get blessed!!!!," reads the urgent message from the singer, who appears in a brief promotional video dressed like a televangelist. "Don’t wait! Call now and add yourself to the hellraiser phonebook so I can always update you and bless you with some sacred secret information ?? Call 1-855-KESHASAVS."  

So, what happens when you call? Well, you hear some churchy music and Kesha saying, "aren't we all sinners, don't we all love to raise a little hell? I know I do. Time to get saved y'all. Release those demons. Let them dance." While the singer doesn't play what sounds like a new pop song in the missive, it does have some churchy organs, ringing bells and a heavenly gospel choir in the background, which might hint at her next single. 

At press time there was no additional information on new music, but in her recent Billboard cover story Kesha said that she was ready to "inspire joy" again and get back to "writing the fuck out of some pop songs."