Be Still Our Hearts, Camila Cabello Just Said She 'Really, Really' Loves Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello unapologetically gushed about Shawn Mendes in a new interview with the Capital Breakfast radio show posted today (Oct. 3).

“We’re pretty happy -- I really, really love him a lot,” she told hosts Roman Kemp and Vick Hope.

The 22-year-old singer also talked about how they came together for their No. 1 joint single. “It was so fun, we’ve been friends for a really long time…there was a period where we didn’t hang out as much just ‘cause we were both busy,” Cabello said.

She continued, “And this song was really fun because we got to just hang out again like we did on the song we did before, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer,’ which is when we got really close.”

Even though the two thought it would just be a cool opportunity for them “to be pals and hang out,” much more came out of the hit-making, romance-stirring partnership.

Watch a clip from the interview below.